About Kindermeals

Kindermeals is a healthy and socially-conscious meal delivery and education program for children in schools. Founded in Vancouver, our team aims to improve the eating habits of Canadian children with our hot lunch program that offers significant health benefits and a positive impact on the environment.

Kindermeals offers hot lunch delivery to schools with plant-based, nutritious and filling meals at an affordable price point.

The Meals

Kindermeals are offered at affordable price points so you can feed your kids the best food, on any budget. Sign up with your school!

$5.49 for kindergarten to grade 3 $6.49 for kindergarten grade 4 to grade 7 $7.49 for high school students, teachers and staff

Sample Meal

Tangy Rainbow Coleslaw (Side) Tasty Tacos (Main Course)


Kindermeals’ plant-based meal options benefit your children’s health and the world around them.

Kindness From the inside... Out!