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About Us

Founded in Vancouver, our team aims to improve the eating habits of Canadian children with our healthy meal choices that offer significant health benefits and a positive impact on the environment.

We strongly believe that schools are able to raise money without sacrificing children’s health. Let's bring Kindermeals to your school to prove it together!


Yes. Our meals are 100% plant-based / vegan. No animal product is used. I.e. Free from meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, and eggs. Ingredients are listed below each meal item. Also all the meals are Halal.

Meals are cooked in our commercial and HACCP certified kitchen, located in Vancouver. We deliver across Metro Vancouver.

Schools use Kindermeals as the only vegan / plant-based hot lunch vendor across Metro Vancouver. We accept bulk orders from school PACs and schools. Submit your request through contact form or drop an email to

Families live in Metro Vancouver area can buy meals through Kindermeals online store: Pick any combination of meals worth $26 or more before Wednesday midnight, proceed to check out and, receive them on Sun or Mon the week after!

Yes, they are. We don't use any nuts, nut butters or nut milks in our recipes. However, it is important to say that the foods are not prepared in an allergen-free environment. Cross-contact might happen.

Kindermeals is designed and works perfectly for busy parents who want to spend quality time with their children while making sure they enjoy healthy and nutrient meals. Schools and PACs get a promo code from us and then share it with families. For every purchase made throughout the school year we donate 4% to school. Feel free to fill out the contact form to get a code.

Yes, we do. Some of our meals contain gluten, some of them are gluten free. Feel free to check out the list of ingredient for each meal to find out. We do offer a gluten free muffin.

Depending on the school location, it may vary between $25 and $95, however depending on the frequency of the orders and number of meals per order, we might give a discount. For customers with very small number of meals per order, we recommend dropping off meals for the week, cold.

Yes, Kindermeals come to the school labeled which makes it easier to distribute them. The information on labels includes: division , name of the student and the name of the meal.

100. If the number is below this, the meals will be delivered cold. Some items need to be reheated at school.

You can order meals via our online store at We also offer some of our meals through Fresh Prep as add-on. If you are using Fresh Prep and want to order these meals, don't forget to add Kindermeals as add-on before check out.

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