Healthy meal program for students

Starting at $5.99 per meal. Free delivery to schools.

  • School PAC

  • Hassle free and litter-less
  • Easy to distribute
  • Fund-raising for school
  • Parents

  • Freshly Made
  • No need to cook or warm
  • 100% Money back guarantee


Founded in Vancouver, our team aims to improve the eating habits of Canadian children with our hot lunch program that offers significant health benefits and a positive impact on the environment.
We strongly believe that schools are able to raise money without sacrificing children’s health. Let's bring Kindermeals to your school to prove it together!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our food is 100% plant-based; We do not use any animal products. I.e. Free from meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, and eggs.

Our kitchen is located in Burnaby, and we have an amazing team under the coordination of our chef Shay Kelly The Caterer. The recipes are carefully created by Shay, and reviewed by our nutritionist Erin Levine.

We don't use any nuts, nut butters or nut milks in our recipes. However, it is important to say that the food is not prepared in an allergen-free environment. Cross-contact can happen.

We are here to make your life easier. We only offer one meal option per day - one main dish and one side dish - so you do not have to worry about choosing meals every week. You can visit our website to see our meals calendar.

No. Some of our meals contain gluten.

Yes. One of our goals is to be litterless. We will pick up the containers on the next delivery, meticulously clean and reuse them. We also don’t provide straws or plastic cutlery.

We do not charge delivery as long as we have a minimum of 30 meals per delivery.

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