9 Kid-Approved Tricks To Get Your Children To Eat Healthier Foods

Getting your kids to eat healthy when they are constantly exposed to ads for junk food or unhealt...

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5 Ways Kids Benefit From A Plant-Based Lunch (Even If It's Just Once A Week)

Did you know that 57% of the calories that Canadian children consume come from ultra-processed fo...

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4 Back-to-School Healthy Breakfasts That Save Time

Looking to save time on breakfast in the mornings as the school year starts while offering your k...

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12 Creative Back-to-School Lunch Hacks for Busy Parents

It’s that time of year again. School days are rapidly approaching, and that means preparing...

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How it works for parents

To the Parents: You need to use our website for now and later download our APP to your sm...

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Smooth Move, including fibre in the diet

If you know anything about living a healthy life, you’ve probably heard that it’s imp...

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