How it works for parents

Aug 11, 2018

How it works for parents

To the Parents:

You need to use our website for now and later download our APP to your smart phone, complete the registration process for yourselves first, then your child(ren). After that you will be able to make menu selections for each kid and submit order.

You can report your child(ren)'s absence through the APP and a credit will be applied to your account to use on the next order.

We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the first month of participation. If for any reason you and your child are not completely satisfied with the meals, we will refund entire order amount. 

Participating in Kindermeals Hot Lunch Program helps your child(ren) experience healthy and environmentally sustainable eating. 

All Kindermeals meals are made with 100% plant-based ingredients that are high in fiber, protein, healthy fats and low in sodium and sugars, have no cholesterol or processed ingredients.

All meals are completely nut-free including nut butters and milks, however soy milk, coconut milk or tofu might be used in some of meals. Please refer to the meal ingredients in the meal's page.

Meals are delivered to the school free of charge and we can assist with the distribution of the meals to each division for over 100 orders.

We require a minimum of 30 children to participate in the program to enable us to provide free delivery.

We offer three different portion sizes:
Extra small (XS): 8 Oz. main and 4 Oz. side, K-3  $5.99
Small (S): 12 Oz. main and 6 Oz. side, grade 3-6  $6.99
Medium (M): 16 Oz. main and 8 Oz. side, grade 6+  $7.99

You can choose proper size for each child. 

We have a fixed meal calendar offering 2 main choices each day to make selecting the meals a quick and easy process. Each meal includes one main dish and a side dish. The side dish is fixed.

Orders need to be submitted by Friday for meal delivery in one week’s time. This is to allow our kitchen time to source sufficient quantities of ingredients and prep for cooking the meals.

Our meals do not include a beverage.

Meals are delivered in clear plastic containers, which we then collect on our next delivery. We clean and sanitize the containers and reuse them over and over for a litter-less lunch. For above 100 orders, containers are collected on the same day. 

Kindermeals wishes to ensure that no child goes hungry. We subsidize 50% of the meal cost for low income families. Parents who want the subsidy request it when signing up for the program. We keep all information provided private.

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